Butterfly 4th Birthday Party 2017 Round 2!

June 30, 2017

Since I enjoyed so much during the first round of Butterfly 4th Birthday Party with the yellow garden theme, I decided that I would go for the second round too! Thank you Tammy for the invitation, we love how the party went and of course all the presents as well.  In order to celebrate Butterfly 4th anniversary, all of us managed to doll up in pretty dress where everyone has their lovely smile on their face all the time. It was not only a birthday party to celebrate, but also a great time to mingle with our fellow blogger friends.

The party venue was the same as the first round located at Hello Deer Party Space.
Can you spot each of our gift bag on the chair?
(photo credit: Eros)
The party started off with everyone introducing themselves to each other. 
It was such a great time to get to know so many awesome bloggers around.
(photo credit: Eros)
Group picha!!!
(photo credit: Eros)
Foods and snacks were provided as well. Desserts were too pretty to put in mouth. hahaha
 The pretty birthday cake.
Yumm...from salad, to noodle, to chicken, to fruits, to desserts.....
I enjoyed all the food served over there. 
Thanks to the sponsor G&G Studiobooth for the photo booth session. We all had a great time taking pictures with the colorful backdrops and fun props. 

Friends met at the party:
(photo credit: Eros)
(photo credit: Eros)
And of course with our 'mamasan' - Tammy!
Everyone got so excited during the time to "unbag" our presentssss...
 Love the "Butterfly" bag so much!
 All the presents in the bag:
 A total of 18 items that we got in the bag! Cannot wait to introduce all of them to you guys!
Be sure to stay tuned on my next post!


  1. You have one of the most charming smile my dear. Glad to get the chance to see you that day. Love your entry. So many colourful pictures. hehe

  2. I love that blink blink make up look of yours dear! And you look really good in Tiffany Green!!

  3. Really loved this birthday celebration and the lovely dress. Want to have a lovely birthday party at one of LA event venues for my son who is turning 5 next month. Will take help from a friend who is expert in arranging these events.


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