What's in my Butterfly Bag?

July 4, 2017

I am going to reveal what's in my Butterfly Bag that I got the other day from the Butterfly Birthday party. I am so proud and happy to be part of the Butterfly family that all of us with the same passion gather together, have fun together, and ultimately grow together. Thanks for having me in The Butterfly Project!

Happy 4th Birthday once again!
So many presents in a bag!
We got a total of 18 items in our bag. Is not 1 or 2, is 18! Lucky us!
I am going to reveal each of the item that we got in this post. So, keep reading =)
1) Wanderlust Things - Unicorn Face Makeup Brush RM89
I always wanted to get a new brush set and guess what? Is in my butterfly bag! I was so excited and happy when I saw this set in our bag! At my first touch, these brushes are so soft and fine. They are made from the finest unicorn hair and a strong unicorn horn handle that would make any girl scream with rainbows! That's me screaming all over when I got this unicorn brush set in my hand! 
* FYI, no unicorns were harmed in the process. 
Also.. just to let you know that Wanderlust Things online does have the limited Harry Potter brushes as well! Faster go grab'em now!!!
Please visit: www.wanderlustthings.com for more info 

2) W. Lab - Pocket Shadow Palette Blooming RM90
Who can resist this goddess like eye shadow! NO ONE! I repeat NO ONE!!!
I think every girl should own this earthy-browny-goldy-shimmery color eye palatte, which is very versatile for any occasions. This goddess like eye shadows created with the beauty of flowers and made with various flower extracts. Just let your natural beauty bloom with this palette of 10 beautiful colors. 
You can get this from: my.althea.kr

3) Orkid Cosmetics - Liquid Lipsticks RM39/each
In case you don't know, Orkid Cosmetics is a HALAL beauty brand created by a local blogger. Their matte suede liquid lipsticks have been the talk of the town. Here's the four best new colors from Orkid Cosmetics. I think most if not all of us scream out our lung when we unbox this gift. Personally, the Turnt and Vibes color are my favorite! Girls being girls, it's never too much when comes to lipstick. 
Do visit www.orkidcosmetics.com for more.

4) 1028 - Big Eyes Magnifier Mascara 8ml RM59.90
I like the diamond-shaped brusher where you can really magnify your eyelashes by coating the lashes from the root to top, lifting and thickening every single lash without weighing it down.
More on instagram: @1028_my

5) Dolly Wink - Liquid Eyeliner WP Super Black RM69.90
Not sure about you guys, but I am a fan of liquid eyeliner compared to the pencil or gel eyeliner. It is not so easy to use liquid eyeliner for beginner, but once you get the hang with it you will love it very much! This Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner is easy to use, and waterproof. It has resistance to sweat, water, tears, and sebum as well! It contains beauty essences to nourish your skin. 

6) Mamonde- Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner 4ml RM39 
Another liquid eyeliner to try out! This liquid eyeliner is able to create vivid lines without smearing your eyes for a whole day. This eyeliner is in No.1 Black color and is waterproof as well. As you can see from the picture above, you can even draw a thin fine line with this eyeliner. 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Mamonde.MY

7) Mamonde - Floral Hydro Mist 120ml RM49 
Feeling hot & dry? This spray mist will help to turn heat down with its cooling effect while replenish and moisturise your skin with Daffodils extracts + mineral water! This is very refreshing and hydrating, especially during the hot weather. 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Mamonde.MY

8) Neesya - Cleansing Set RM39
This product is certified HALAL. The brightening set comes with a 100ml Gel Cleanser and 75ml Enzymatic Refiner Scrub to brighten and revive dull looking skin. I actually never heard of this brand before, but hey it smells really nice and refreshing. Can't wait to try them on.
More info on www.neesya.com

9) Hadabisel - Moisturizing Face Mask Extra Rich RM48.70/5pcs
Heard a lot of people recommending this brand of masks, but never really try'em. It is known for its extra rich serum to moisturise and boost your skin instantly with its formulated Hyaluronic Acid and Royal Jelly.  #HadabiseiMY

10) Clinelle UV Defense SPF30 30ml RM48.70
Soothe, hydrate and protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays with this non-greasy, broad spectrum sunscreen that's suitable for all skin types.

11) Clinelle PureSwiss Hydracalm Sleeping Mask 60ml RM75.90
Introducing the BEST SELLER cooling, refreshing light cream gel sleeping mask to hydrate and brighten your skin overnight. Water droplets will form on skin for instant hydration. 

12) Clinelle Hot Body Shapper Cream 170ml RM89.90
Take this 7-day body shaping challenge to reduce cellulite, flatten tummy, shape, firm, and tone your body. I love that it has roller ball head for massage. For better result, I would recommend to do exercise as well. The cream actually smells nice and has a very smooth texture. 
For more info, please visit: www.clinelle.com

13) Adidas - Climacool Shower Gel 250ml RM10.90
Stay fresh all day long with this innovative shower gel with motion-activated fresh capsules that break upon friction/touch to release "freshness" as you move! 
14) Adidas - Climacool Deodorant 35ml RM4.99
Use after the shower gel, this anti-perspirant not only keeps body odor away, but it also releases the same unique "freshness" that activates when you move. 

15) Pax Moly - Aloe Vera Soothing Gel RM29.90
Soothe and cool down your skin with Aloe Vera from Jeju Island's warm sunshine. This light, moisturising and refreshing gel contains vitamins and amino acids! You can apply on face, arms, leg, and hair as well! This would be my second bottle of Aloe Vera gel. I often use it as mask since it's really hydrating and moisturising.

16) Photobook Malaysia - 
The Simple Book 6x6 Hardcover 20pgs RM79
Photobook is now on mobile. Download and create your very own beautiful photobook to keep sweet memories forever! Personalized on the go! Available on Android and iOS.

17) Photobook Malaysia - 50 x 4R prints RM25
Make an album for your loved one or create your very own wall of fame by downloading Photobook App to upload and print photographs on the go. Available on Android and iOS.

18) G&G Studiobooth - Photobox Prints worth priceless
Our party couldn't be perfect without the photobooth service from G&G Studiobooth. High-quality photograph printed out from the perfect photo machine that's very exciting and interactive during the event. Props are available as well.
Please visit: www.gngstudiobooth.com

Ta-daa... that's all my presents from Butterfly 4th Birthday Party! Cannot wait to try all of the items in the coming days. And Happy Birthday once again! 


  1. Wish I could join too~~~ would like to be one of the butterfly someday

  2. Hi lovely! I tried out all the product in that tote. I love mamonde face mist the most.

  3. With Butterfly's reputation, what can go into the goodie tote is good enough for me. Planning to pick up a couple of items from the pharmacy, like the face mist and aloe vera.

  4. I love the palette and the sleeping mask - literally like my prayers been answered!

  5. This is such a very lovely party, and I like all your goodies. Congratulations to Butterfly Project. More beauties to come!

  6. Happy birthday Butterfly Project! Wish I could join one day too.
    Btw that eyeshadow palette from W.Lab is so dope OMG!! Seriously considering to get my hand on one.


  7. Love your outfit for sure and all those goodies.. oh may gerd.. so blessed to get to try them.


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