Hair Color Expert Sri Petaling【大马首家染发专店】RM48.90 Only!

June 23, 2017

Hair coloring has been so popular in these recent years. Hair coloring can be so expensive based on the length of your hair and the way of coloring. This time I am going to bring you the hair coloring expert at the Hair Color Expert Sri Petaling. Yes, this is the FIRST hair salon in Malaysia that only provide hair coloring service at as low as RM48.90 nett!!!
It took me roughly two hours to color my long hair with all the 6 complete steps from face to face consultation to quick dry. 
Entrance counter at Hair Color Expert

 Since only hair coloring service is provided, the shop is fairly cleaner than other usual salons. 
Step 1: Consultation
The designer will consult on which color you would like to color your hair. 
Me trying to decide on which color for my hair. 
Finally I decided to go with medium ash brown color (without bleaching).
Step 2: Coloring 
After deciding the color, now the stylist will color your hair with your desired color.
Here at Hair Color Expert, all the hair coloring solution are AMMONIA-FREE,
meaning without ammonia content! 
So, you don't need to worry if the cream/solution will damage your hair quality.

My feeling during the process of coloring: Although I felt a bit of stinging pain burning sensation on my hair scalp, it was nothing uncomfortable and disappeared after the washing process.
(not sure if you felt the same during hair coloring)

Step 3: Wait for 30 minutes for the color to sit into your hair. 
 Comfortable resting area while waiting for the 30 minutes. *Free WIFI service in the shop too.
 Piano is available if you would like to play some music.
Step 4: Wash Wash Wash! 
Step 5: Nano Treatment for hair care. (Optional step, but recommended)
A layer of gel that contains protein, water, enzymes, and royal honey collagen
will be applied on the hair.
Steaming process that took about 10-12 minutes.
Step 6: Quick Dry
And..... Ta-daaaaa......
Love the color so much!
Just like the name sounds, Hair Color Expert only provide hair coloring service. Overall, I love the service there and I had a pleasant experience doing coloring there.  Most importantly the price is so much cheaper than other salons out there. 

Hair Color Expert just started their Membership privileges package with the price of RM 28.90/year.

More Information:
Location: 13, Jalan Radin Bagus 3, 57000 Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: 018-319 8689 / 03- 9544 2089
Facebook: @sphaircolorexpert
Short Hair: RM 48.90 nett
Medium Hair: RM 68.90 nett (shoulder length)
Long Hair: RM 88.90 nett


  1. OMG your hair looks so pretty! The colour is so beautiful! <3

  2. That looks impressive.. Damage to the hair is a concern though..

  3. Your new hair color looks great!

  4. This place look comfortable. love your new hair color.

  5. I'v coloured my hair just once so far - red highlights. The salon looks good - love the colours and vibe! Cheers!! :)

  6. Not only am I in love with its low pricing, I am delighted to know that it took you just two hours to get your long hair coloured. Just what I need. Cheap and quick service!

  7. love the new hair colour on you!! and it's so affordable la!!

  8. This is so affordable and you look so cool in those colours.. will check itbout for my ombre touch ups.. not surr if they can do it for me though

  9. I love how your hair turned out! The color looks gorgeous on you! This also reminds me that I need a new hair color lols.

  10. Wow you looked great! The hair expert did it well. Thumbs up!

  11. The price is affordable and I love your hair color. Will do my hair color at thus saloon.

  12. The color paid off so well & even! You have nice hair btw.


  13. Love your new hair color, it suits you very well! Reminds me that I need to do my touch up soon as well

  14. Really? The price is so worth it, thanks for the information.

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