Tying The Knot |【I SAID YES】

February 17, 2017

I SAID YES! to the person whom I dated for seven years and few months. Seven years was not simply just a number, but how we grew up together. For the past seven years, we experienced very short distance living in the same building but different blocks; having each other side by side every day for few years; then long distance without seeing each other for a one-whole year; back to short distance living in the same country but different cities; then again back to not-so-long distance which at least we can meet once a month or two. 

All the time that we spent together in the past are my most precious memories that will last forever. And my future wouldn't be perfect without him.
Check out my proposal footage video here:
Originally, my plan was just having him to bring me for shopping, which I totally have no idea about his secret planning for the rest of the day. Until the moment he stopped the car in front of Villa Samadhi Kuala Lumpur - the villa that I have been wanting to go, but nahh i have no reason to spend extra money staying in a villa where my home is just a short distance away.
So, my shopping plan got cancelled and here goes my romantic-special day.....
Checked in and got into a very cozy and spacious room, where roses were nicely decorated on the floor already. Ta-daaaaaa......
After the emotional, excited, happy moment, finally i got some time to tour around the room. I am not kidding, the room was so much above my expectation, especially the bathroom. If you wonder which type of villa I stayed, I have no idea, it was a secret! You can log on to Villa Samadhi website and check it out!  
Love this plunge pool a lot!
Got myself some time to take a deep in this relaxing pool before the cocktail session and after that will have a fine dining dinner. Everything just nice planned. So lucky.. hahaha

Nothing much, just chillax with my drinks.
Had our dinner at Mandi-Mandi inside the villa, which sits by the edge of the 'Lagoon'. 
The menu were prepared exclusively for residents only.
                    After dinner, we walked around the Lagoon and enjoyed the night view. 
Good Night! And woke up for complimentary breakfast on the next morning.
Besides ordering from the menu, buffet breakfast with a variety of choices was also available. 
Foods below were only part of what we ate. Another part sat inside my stomach already... hahaha
After breakfast, we walked around and took some pictures.
You made my day! I am grateful, lucky, contented, and very much appreciate!
Thanks my love❤️️
And so, I M

To Be Continue...


  1. Congrats and stay sweet forever!!!

  2. Just read this! Although it's a bit late, congrats to the both of you! <3


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