Asian Festival.

May 27, 2013

Went to Asian Festival yesterday at Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Garden, somewhere near downtown.  This festival is one of the major special events in Central Ohio, which i have no idea why i missed it last year. Anyway, this festival aim to promote the cultural diversity and at the same time to build a vibrant, prosperous, and healthy community in which they do provide free health screening during the event. There are Asian Food stalls selling different kind of foods. I managed to try Indian, Thai, Indonesia, and Philippine's food (p/s: not bad, but the foods are quite expensive though). Besides, there are plenty of activities going on, including Asian Games, Career Fair, Children Areas - where different types of clothing available for children to get dress up, Culture Exhibits, Dragon Boat Competition, Health Pavilion, Market Place - kinda like pasar malam, Performances - dancing, singing, etc., and Martial Arts - i watched kids perform tae-kwon-do, they are just so cute! Personally, I think that America is made up of so many people from different ethnicity, and cultural background than you would expect; this festival definitely brought many asian people from all over the states together, and showcase our asian cultural heritage to the world.

 Favorite sticky rice with mango! 

 Indian naan with chicken curry, and vegetable


 Chinese Lion Dancing! 

K.Thx. Bye. 

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