May 26, 2013

It was just a very normal day. I decided to look on some journals and magazines and call it a day (super-lazy-holiday-mood). While I was reading I tied up my messy hair in a bun in a not-usual way- the way those american girls used to tie their hair. After few hours passed, i wanted to put my hair down ==> And the CRAZY part happened! I tried to comb it and the itchy hand took up the DANGEROUS ROUND COMB, which now looks like a cactus...ahahahaha XD

You know la, my hair is always so straight and I am so damn jealous with those girls who have a very nice curl at the bottom of the hair root, which i tried to curl myself before and FAILED. B
ack to story, so my first intension was to try to roll my bang just like the video i watched one night before. And here goes: 

 I sent this foto to ahboon, and he just cant stop laughing @.@ 

 Yeahh... after one hour of pulling, washing, twisting, untangling.. finally:

 And many of my beloved hairy sacrificed on the day. You guys will be remembered......lmao

 Here comes back my pretty straight black bang..hahaha...
K.Thx.Bye =)


  1. your hair is really very pretty and straight! wonder how you do it sometimes! :D

    1. haha...tq dear.. i din do anything to it actually.. just innately born with it.. LOL.. jk jk..hahaha

  2. no need la.. your black hair is very nice already.. don tried it again lol...


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