A note to remember - Summer 2013

August 17, 2013

Hello...it has been awhile since my last post. Okay, just a quick update for you guys.

First of all, for those who cares about me *wink wink* must have known through my FB that I have been to an incredibly magnificent, amazing, marvelous, mind-blowing, splendid, and wonderful (ok, enough of adjectives!) trip to SOUTH WEST of United States with a bunch of awesome people on the early June.

Here are some photos:

1) Bryce Canyon (this is my favorite canyon of all)

 2) Zion National Park - Angels Landing (the craziest thing that i had ever done)

 the feeling is just like i went into Jurassic Park

 Determination is what I really experienced during this hike

the moment you reach the top;
the sense of triumph; 
 has no word to describe.

3) Grand Canyon

Without the dark, we'd never see the stars 
- Romantic moment on top Grand Canyon during the night
 (lots of meteor stars spotted too)

4) Antelope Canyon

 5) Monument Valley (from the far)

6)Mesa Verde National Park

7) The Arches


Then, I started my summer classes. I took two classes - Microbiology and Social Psychology. I enjoyed a lot and feel more relax taking summer class, probably because less people around campus, and less material to study . I hope every semester will be like summer semester (dreaming la). Within that 7 weeks of summer class, I had a lot of fun with my UV gang friends (party, potluck, bbq, sing k, bla bla bla...)

Moving on is my trip to EAST COAST of United States with two of my lovely hometown friends. Miss them a lot. We went with a tour group (99% tourists from China @.@) to a lot of places. From New York, to Philadelphia, Washington DC, Niagara, Boston, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, in 8 days time. It's tiring but quite fun.

Times Square NYC

Grand Central Terminal

 View from the top of Empire State Building

I Missed Those Times Together with Everyone Of You.



  1. Very enjoyable looking at your photos! Wanna go wanna go! :D

    1. haha.. still got many nice places i haven't explore.. come come!!! XD

  2. wah... looks fun and awesome! Feel so wanna join u guys!! happy travelling!!


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