[Review] Dr. Wu Hyalucomplex Hydrating System

July 7, 2017

There are so many skincare brands out there in the market that sometimes we the customers get so blurred which brand to opt for. To me, as long as you are comfortable using the products and they don't cause any allergy reaction to your skin. Honestly, everyone is different and there is no skincare that is the best, only the one that suits your skin. This time I am going to review my experience using DR. WU's Hyalucomplex Hydrating System. DR.WU is Taiwan No.1 Clinical Skincare brand that was founded in 2003 by the renowned dermatologist Dr. Ying-Chin Wu, along with his eldest son Eric Wu. Above is a picture of me together with Dr.Wu who came all the way from Taiwan.

Dr. Wu - the founder with 40 years clinical experience and extensive research on Asian skin structure, has created a technologically-adcanced skincare line of high potency products for sensitive skin that contain no alcohol, fragrance, and paraben.

Introducing the HYALUCOMPLEX Hydrating System 玻尿酸保湿系列
Target: Dehydrated and Sensitive Skin
All new DR.WU upgraded Hyalucomplex Hydrating System using advanced groundbreaking hydration technology - discovery of patented OptimHyal that can penetrates deep into the skin, releasing unique hydrating protein (CD44), activating intra-cellular genetic moisture production, promoting mass hyaluronic synthesis and sustaining circulation to increase skin hydration. 
Daily Skincare Guide
 Hydrating Gel Cleanser with Hyaluronic Acid
Thoughts: This is a gel type cleanser, which has minimal bubble foam. I am not a gel cleanser fan, but this DR.WU gel cleanser really surprise me on how it leaves a soft and clean skin after using it. This Hydrating Gel Cleanser really cleans and hydrates my skin thoroughly without irritation. This cleanser has a very mild and refreshing scent, which I kinda like it. 
Direction to use: Wet face and apply small amount to face and neck using gentle and smooth circular movements from the central T-zone of the face towards the outer edges until foam appears. Rinse thoroughly with warm, clean water and pat dry. Use daily, day and night.  

Intensive Hydrating Toner with Hyaluronic Acid
Thoughts: The texture is quite gluey at first when you apply on your face, but it is being absorbed into your skin immediately and the gluey texture disappeared right after. In fact, this toner is very hydrating and able to restore moisture to reduce dry patches. I have been using this toner for few months and really love the result. 
Direction to use: Apply small amount to face and neck using firm and smooth circular movements from the central T-zone of the face towards the outer edges. Use daily, day and night. 

Intensive Hydrating Gel With Hyaluronic Acid
Thoughts: Although it looks kinda sticky, it does not leave sticky feeling when apply on face. In fact, it is very refreshing and even has the cooling effect. I can really feel my skin gets moisturise and rehydrate after the application. This special formula of hydrating gel proves to be effective in minimizing the signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, spots, and uneven skin tone. 
Direction to use: Apply small amount to face and neck using firm and smooth circular movements from the central T-zone of the face towards the outer edges. 

Glacier Water with Hyaluronic Acid
It comes in 50ml and 250ml. The one I am having is 250ml. This is quite a NEW product from DR.WU. This multi-functional hydrating mist using the purest glacier water from Canada, enriched with mineral nutrients that are essential for the skin.
Thoughts: If you are looking for hydrating mist, I would definitely recommend this DR.WU's Hydrating Glacier Water. It is gentle yet very rehydrating and replenishing skin with moisture. It can be used at any time or any step of a skincare routine. A must-have item especially during this current hot weather.
What's more special with this hydrating mist is that it can be used as moisturizer before applying makeup, a settling formula after applying makeup, a primer for other beauty products, a facial skincare mask, or a calming moisturizer on standby at all times
Direction to use: Spray evenly on the entire face and neck with eyes closed. Use daily, day and night or frequently when there is a need. If incorporated as part of skincare routine, it is recommended to use after cleansing and before applying toner. 
Ideal time for application: Before going outdoors; After exercise or sun exposure; Before applying makeup

Ultimate Hydrating Mask with Hyaluronic Acid
Patented Microinject Mask Technology that can effectively deliver hydrating active ingredients to skin. Each mask carries 13X amount of hydrating serum that can immediately boost moisture, and help the skin stay hydrated for all day.
 Each package composed of three layers, where the middle layer is the active Hydrating Mask.
 Discard the plastic layer and place the middle active layer onto your face.
 After positioning, peel off the blue layer and leave for 10-15 minutes.
 The mask sheet is very delicate and and fit very well just like my second skin layer.
Thoughts: Love this mask sheet so much, very hydrating, and refreshing. I can really feel my skin got rehydrated and the serum really got absorbed into my skin. I can feel the quality of the mask sheet is different and better from other mask sheet, where the cotton layer is much more fitted. Although the sheet is quite thin, it is not easily tear off to fit your face. 
Direction to use: Use 2-3 times a week, day or night after cleansing.

Overall, I would recommend this series of products from DR.WU to anyone of you.
The products are very gentle and nice to use even for those who have sensitive skin.

You can purchase DR.WU's products at Watsons Malaysia at selected stores and Watsons online.
More info:
Store: Mid Valley Megamall, South Void 2, Ground Floor


  1. I tried their Mask though. But the mask sheet too stiff and rough for my skin. Love their HA toner.

  2. I love hydrating gels. I think they are really important too. Let me get my hands on that face mask soon - I use them often.

  3. I saw this product somewhere else bfore, definitely gonna give it a try after read your blog 😉

  4. Gonna check out the Dr Wu's line coz you got me interested with the mask. Haha

  5. Personal pick is intensive toner cz it has sort of serum-based texture. Definitely my toner to go!

  6. Great post! First time hearing this brand but it sounds good. I'll be excited to try out the intensive hydrating gel since my skin is always thirsty for moisture.

  7. Havent had a chance to try these new brand yet but from what your blog about, it sure is interesting... defintely want to know more about it

  8. Now, the important things to take care of your skin is find the suitable product for your skin. Thanks for sharing ;)

  9. I've read so much about Dr Wu's products. I like the fact that he has formulated his products for Asian skin. Would love to check these products out at the official store.

  10. I've heard of this brand before! Have yet to try it though! I'm all about trying different sheet masks! Will grab one during my next Watsons shopping session since I hardly visit mid valley

  11. its my first time to hear about this brand but it i think it looks great. the packaging is nice. i love using hydrating mist and mask.

  12. Love the formulation for Dr.Wu's products- their range is quite impressive.

  13. For the sebum removal, I can say that this product does a very good job! After washing it off, my skin felt smooth, clean and tight. It definitely helped control my skin sebum and my pores as well.
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