About Me

Dear friends, welcome to my blog!
I started this blog since 2013, but getting active just about a year ago in 2016. 
As a blogger, I'm very passionate in quite a number of things like: 
beauty, skincare, food, travel, fashion, makeup as well as photography.
Besides, I am also very interested in healthcare area such as health, wellness, and fitness.

Welcome to my wonderland where I love to share my experiences on things/foods/places and at the same time to document this beautiful journey of my life with all of you💓

Hope you enjoy reading my blog.
I love sharing things =) That makes me very active on social media where I can share my pictures, thoughts, and feeling instantly at anytime anywhere.

Feel free to follow my social media accounts for more updates 

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Hi, I’m Sin Nee!
A lifestyle blogger from Malaysia.
Welcome to my little space where I love to share my
thoughts, stories, experiences, and everyday life.
Read more about me here.
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