Bausch+Lomb Lacelle Series Cosmetic Contact Lens

July 27, 2017

Bausch + Lomb Lacelle series of cosmetic contact lens are fairly new in the market. The Lacelle Jewel series (monthly disposable coloured contact lens) was launched during 2015, while the Lacelle Diamond Dialy (dialy disposable coloured contact lens) was launched during 2016 to the public. Personally, I thought contact lens was one of the great innovations among all that ease daily life activities other than for cosmetic or aesthetic purposes. To me, contact lens not only help to correct my vision without having to wear glasses, but also make outdoor activities and sports more preferable. 

I've been trying on this series whether the Lacelle Diamond or Lacelle Jewel contact lens and I am in love with it. Dryness has always been my issue when comes to contact lens, however, not with this Bausch + Lomb Lacelle series. 
Lacelle Diamond (Daily Lens)
 I have with me the Diamond Pink Rose color.
Designed in a unique pattern that mimics the light-reflecting facets of a solitaire-cut diamond, wearers of the Lacelle Diamond Daily can expect a diamond-like dazzle to transform their appearance. On top of that, its 14.2 mm pattern diameter gives wearers a larger and pronounced iris for a doe-eyed look without the use of makeup. 
Since it is a daily disposable contact lens, this Lacelle Diamond Daily makes my everyday life easier and I don't need to spend extra time for the cleaning and maintaining required of a normal contact lens. 
I like the part that the Lacelle Diamond Daily comes in 3 different colours (Aqua Glacier, Champagne Brown , and Pink Rose), which able to suit any appearance.
Lacelle Diamond Aqua Glacier
Lacelle Diamond Champagne Brown   
 Lacelle Diamond Pink Rose
 Let's get your eyes shine like a diamond with Lacelle Diamond Daily Contact Lens!
Lacelle Jewel (Monthly lens)
 Here I have with me in Topaz Brown color.
Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Jewel is a monthly disposable coloured contact lens that features a unique jewel pattern that gives the eyes an unrivalled depth and brilliance. Its thin lens design of a mere 0.078mm thickness and water content of 38% allows for great comfort. 
Meanwhile, its material, polymacon, minimizes protein uptake for hygienic and ease of lens wearing.
The Lacelle Jewel is available in seven outstanding colours: Melanite Black, Topaz Brown, Crystal Grey, Amber Brown, Amethyst Violet, Sapphire Blue and Peridot Green.
Lacelle Jewel Melanite Black
Lacelle Jewel Topaz Brown
Lacelle Jewel Crystal Grey
Lacelle Jewel Amber Brown
Lacelle Jewel Amethyst Violet
Lacelle Jewel Sapphire Blue
Lacelle Jewel Peridot Green
With all these colors, you can match any of your outfits and makeup for the day.
Overall, Bausch + Lomb Lacelle series are very appealing and yet very natural with everyday look. They are very easy to wear and comfortable throughout the day. I wore the Lacelle Jewel contact lens with full makeup on my face for photoshooting for a whole day, and to my surprise I didn't feel I was wearing contact lens throughout the day. Some people do worry that wearing coloured contact lens might have extra dryness issue, just like what I thought before. But hey! Not at all with this Lacelle series. It was able to keep my eyes bright and shine throughout the day! I do recommend this Lacelle series for anyone who wanted to try coloured contact lens.

Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Diamond - RM42/box for 10 pcs and RM110/box for 30 pcs.
Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Jewel - RM68/box for 2 pcs

* Bausch + Lomb series are available at all major optical stores nationwide

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