MAMAWAY Antibacterial High-rise Briefs Panties

April 24, 2019

While some might say maternity panties are not a necessity, to me maternity undies are one of my must-have items since the first trimester of pregnancy. Same as looking for maternity bras, I've been also looking for good, comfy, antibacterial panties for my pregnancy. I can feel that my waist and belly size getting bigger as the term advances and the current underwear are just digging into my thighs. So, it's time to get some new panties.
Women are more prone to odors and infections, especially during pregnancy, because of the body temperature goes up, and secretions tend to increase. This makes getting a pair of good quality, bacterial- and odor-resistant briefs essential. There are few types of maternity panties, which are those low-cut (at your underbelly) or high-cut (intended to fit over half of your belly). They are usually made to be more stretchy than usual to fit your expanding body and to last for a few months after you deliver your baby. Here I got myself to try out this Antibacterial High-Rise Briefs Panties (2 per pack) from MAMAWAY as well!
There are plenty of generic and affordable maternity underwear anywhere you can find over the departmental stores, but after trying these Mamaway maternity panties you will soon realise aside comfort there is more than just a reason to have good and high-quality panties like this in your drawer. It is essential for additional protection and support during pregnancy and post-natal care.

  • Incorporates Switzerland brand HeiQ Pure - with innovative silver treatment coating on every individual fiber, naturally resistant to bacteria and stay fresh
    • HeiQ's unique technique of blending pure silver into the fabric prevents odor-causing bacteria from colonizing the textile, which leaves the skin's natural balance of good bacteria intact, keeping you feeling and smelling fresh.
  • High stretch, bacteria and odor resistant
  • Contoured design to hug your belly as it grows, fits from the first trimester till birth.
  • Special design pressure free, dig free waist band.
  • Silky soft, ultra-stretchy fabric that lasts wash after wash. Won't shrink in the wash.
  • Low chemical/ allergy resistance risk, healthy for you and baby.
  • Meryl Skinlife material - special nylon with odor control properties thanks to its inherent silver microparticles that makes you feel nice and fresh while maintaining the natural balance of your skin. 
100% cotton inner layer; 89% nylon and 11% elastane over the outer surface.

 - Absorbing Breathable          - Comfort Cooling            - Ultra Stretchy
Design: ★★★★
Despite the simple,  no loud prints nor intricate seams, this piece of high-rise maternity panty come in 6 different colors - pink, nude, black, brown, purple, and blue that are sure to match your colorful outfits. The simple design with elegant stitches makes it more attractive to me. 

Comfort Level: ★★★★
Honestly, I am in awe with the fabric engineering on this undergarment. The textile is ultra-stretchable and super thin around the waist and thigh, which makes it very light and breathable. It feels just like it's barely there at all. The combination of 100% cotton and 89% nylon material made up the silky smooth fabric that makes it extremely comfortable and has cooling effect. The good quality materials also the reason it is very fast absorbing and quick-drying that's able to keep me comfortable throughout the day.

Overall: ★★★★
Without hesitation, I would definitely recommend ladies out there to try this Mamaway Antibacterial High-Rise Briefs Panties that can guarantee the comfort and protection, especially ideal for mothers who did C-section delivery or just incurred stitches after vaginal delivery for its antibacterial qualities that can prevent infections and allergies during recovery. Although is a bit pricey (~RM69.90 for 2 pieces), trust me, it worths every penny for its quality and comfortness!

Mamaway Antibacterial High-Rise Briefs front, side, and back view. 

 Sizing Guide ( in inch)

Care Instruction:
Machine washable / Do not bleach/ Do not soak/ Do not tumble dry

More Information:
Facebook: @MamawayMalaysia
Instagram: @mamawayMY
Youtube: Mamaway Malaysia

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