January 12, 2019

It was emotional, joyful, excited, anxious, overwhelmed, tearful, etc....The moment and feeling that words can't describe. I don't actually have any special feeling of my 'little bean' growing inside me until the week after I missed my monthly period, which was about one month of pregnancy ALREADY! I thought maybe I should record my pregnancy journey down here so that I can share my experience and also keep myself a record of my dramatic life changes.

It was just a normal weekend Sunday we were having lunch before heading back to Singapore, until I have this weird bloated feeling when I didn't even manage to finish the whole serving of food that I used to finish (most of the time). Thinking it back, in fact that was my first symptoms of pregnancy! And that's the feeling (in addition to the missed period) that brought me to getting my first pregnancy test kit at WATSONS the next day. 

If you are wondering which pregnancy test kit to buy? My answer - go with the cheapest price kit. You don't need a fancy and expensive kit to tell you the same result. I got mine with promotion price of Buy 2 Get 1 FREE in ~$10. Since it was my first time testing, my paranoid personality kicked in and I tested all 3 cassettes XD And they all showed the same results => TWO STRIPES - POSITIVE!!!
An Extraordinary Tearful Moment
I called for gynae appointment the next day at NUH Women's Clinic and guess what the next appointment date for the available doctor was 3 weeks later and zhun zhun on my birthday!!! So i waited and waited and waited for the 3 weeks to pass by. Meanwhile, I still can't believe my pregnancy test kit results, not until my first scan at the gynae and confirm my pregnancy XD
Well, if you were to ask, yes we did plan to have a baby this year, just that it came slightly earlier than we thought. 

Here goes my first trimester pregnant journey:

1st Month (Week 1 - 4): 
Well, I guess this month passed by so quickly that you don't even realise how the baby was already forming inside you. In fact, I was still on my exercise routine, which I carried out my cardio exercises, Zumba classes, outdoor activities, etc... (I was actually trying to lose weight and shape up my body during this point of time). Otherwise, I am so glad that nothing much happened (no symptom) during my first month of pregnancy. 

2nd Month (Week 5 - 8): 
I am lucky that I didn't feel any exotic pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, nausea, or vomiting. During this month, not sure about other mums, but I am still feeling doubtful about the baby inside =P Is that real that I am pregnant? Not much in body changes still, but started to feel slightly breathless when climbing up stairs or walking uphill. Oh ya, my appetite was very weird during this time, not that I was craving for any kind of food, but more towards plain and bland food like porridge, and soup based.
My first doctor check up appointment happened in my week 8! Finally got my first sight of my little baby inside me - it was pretty emotional i would say. 
Hi, Little One ♥
3rd Month (Week 9 - 13):
I got fever, cough, flu, sore throat,... all sorts of thing during this month >.< Went to see doctor, had medications and took me about 3 weeks to recover from all the sickness. I've heard about pregnant lady gets sick easily, didn't expect it to happen on me cause I am the person who don't get sick easily. To all pregnant lady out there, stay healthy and strong throughout this nine months time! 
On top of those sickness, I started to feel a little backache, especially my pelvic and tailbone area. The soreness that you can't imagine. I managed to get myself a U-shaped pregnancy pillow, but that doesn't help much on my backache. Until, I got myself a mattress pad (KNAPSTAD) from IKEA. I am so thankful that this mattress pad really makes my back feel better and I am able to sleep soundly throughout every night! Can't recommend it enough!!!

During this first trimester journey, I started to feel the tiny little changes in my body, from appetite to body shape to body weight. I've gained about 2kg during my first trimester. 
I've shortlisted some items that I feel useful and needed during this period of pregnancy:

1. Prenatal supplements
2. Healthy option for breakfast - Quinoa Oat Flakes, oat, milk, etc.
3. Healthy snacks at all time - nuts, fruits, bread, etc.
4. Comfortable bras/ maternity bra - the first thing that needed the most for me
5. Larger size panty 
6. Pregnancy pillow - not so much needed for me compared to mattress pad + comfy soft pillow
7. Stretch mark cream - Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula (you probably need this by end of first tri)

To Be Continue... My Second Trimester Journey =)


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