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April 6, 2017

I bet most of us here know the process of how designing/making your own t-shirt would be. You need to go through the tedious process of choosing materials and designs, and then waiting for your shirt to arrive. What if I tell you that you can do all these process instantly! Introducing LightBulb Apparel which provides the service of instant customised printing of shirts without any hassles within a few minutes. 

With just a few simple steps you can DIY your own shirt, polo shirt, hoodies, or jersey. 
After choosing the type of apparel, then now you can pick your color. Here I chose the black color.
 Then you can edit your own design with texts and/or art.
There are a number of preloaded clip arts that you can choose from.
 Or you can upload image to print on the shirt as well. 
You can customise your own design at the front shirt, back shirt, right and left side of the sleeve. 

When you finish with you design, you may proceed to the checkout page!

Here I have a 15% Discount Code for anyone of you who wanted to design your own shirt, whether it is for yourself, friends, family, or cooperate members. 
Apple the coupon: SinneeandLBAFriend

The process of using LighBulb Apparel online is easy and fun!
Not to mention, the shirt quality is good as well! It is soft and comfortable to wear.
After all, LighBulb Apparel allows anyone to design and order their custom printed t-shirts ANYTIME and ANYWHERE!

More Info:
Instagram: lightbulb.apparel

Have Fun Designing Your Shirt!

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