[Review] Panaz Slimming Pants - The Sweat Booster!

November 18, 2016

In our daily life, we have always been distracted by many trivial things, either from work or from home. We tend to get very busy and spend lesser time in exercise, not to mention to keep a healthy life. While living in such a hectic life, Panaz Slimming Pants came to rescue to help you sweat more, burn more body calories during activities, such as doing house chores, exercise, or even just wandering around! 

I always wonder if slimming pants really does its job to make you sweat more and turn you one size smaller?
Not until i try on Panaz Slimming Pants. In fact, the name Panaz is originated from the local language (Malay) - "Panas" that indicates hot. I like that it is suitable to wear anytime, anywhere, and most importantly it is designed for everyone!

Here's my Panaz Slimming Pants:
Professionally tailored interior with two pockets attached:
 Wash care instruction on the pants:
It is recommended to wear Panaz Slimming Pants for 3-5 hours everyday for better results. You don't need to worry about the size because the pants is available from S - 4XL (even for plus size). It would be great if you are able to track your waist and hip measurement every 2 weeks to check the results. It will be very exciting to see the positive results!
One great part about the pants is that the fabrics/ material of the pants are thinner engineered and is suitable to wear even under the hot weather in Malaysia.

 Wash-Care Instruction:
✔ Hang to Dry
✔ Hand Wash
❌ Do not use washing machine
❌ Do not soak
❌ Do not wring
❌ Do not iron
❌ Do not use dryer
❌ Do not bleach
My thoughts:
To my surprise that the pants really did its job to make me sweat a lot without me realizing it. I wore it for 5 minutes and I am not even doing any activities (just sitting down and chit chatting) I was already sweating all over my lower body. I felt comfortable at all time, even though my legs, thighs, lower stomach were already sweating. I guess the inner materials of the pants really absorb the sweat well. I like that the pants is really stretchable and it even covers up until my stomach area! I also like that there are pockets available to fit my phone while doing any activities.
One thing that i dislike about this pants was that it has a really strong unpleasant smell that you might need to hand wash a couple times to get rid. Other than that, I would recommend it to my friends and family members. 

More details:
Price: RM 149.00
Feel free to check out their Facebook: PanazMY

Hope you enjoy wearing Panaz Slimming Pants!

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  1. why can't wear whole day? if wearing without exercise, there's no effect?

    1. Hi there, the reason not recommend to wear it whole day because the pants tends to stimulate sweat, which might cause discomfort or allergy if all the sweat is trapped in the pants for a long time.
      Is ok if you wear it when you are not doing exercise, is just that if you wear it during exercise you will sweat much more than you would expect. =) Hope that answer your questions =)


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