The World's First Beauty Collagen Hair Dryer by TESCOM | 啥米!? 吹风机也有胶原蛋白???

November 8, 2016

You didn't hear me wrong! It is the hair dryer with beauty collagen!

Collagen has always been a ''MAGIC'' word to me. 
It is always associated with beauty, anti-aging, slimming, and detox. 
This is my first time hearing hair dryer with Beauty Collagen and trying out myself on my hair! 
To be honest, I've always been skeptical in using hair dryer because of the direct heat towards the hair root or the hair scalp will make the hair dryer and damage the root.
Changed my perspective after getting to know this TESCOM Beauty Collagen Hair Dryer! 

What actually is Beauty Collagen?
Collagen is one of the most abundant protein in our body, making up a large part of our skin, hair, and nails. While collagen is beneficial to our skin, which gives strength and elasticity, it is also beneficial to our hair. Each bulb of hair on our head is surrounded by sheath of collagen. That's where it connects to micro-vessels that deliver necessary nutrients for our hair. Therefore, the collagen in our hair is a vital component to determine our hair's thickness, elasticity, and smoothness. Once our hair is lack of collagen, it will cause our hair to be a dry, frizzy hair with split ends.

TESCOM - the number one professional hair dryer brand in Japan, came out with the newest technology and first in the world - beauty collagen hair dryer to promote healthy hair growth and protect hair scalp.

Just recently (October 2016), TESCOM has finally arrived in Malaysia. Because of its durability and excellent safety to create perfectly shiny healthy hair, TESCOM made it to the number one professional hair dryer brand in Japan up until today. In 2014, TESCOM's market penetration into Taiwan has created a massive hype in the beauty industry. It has been highly recommended by various beauty gurus and beauty bloggers in Taiwan.

 A wide range of TESCOM hair dryer and hair styling iron.
Picture with the General Manager of Oversea Department, Mr. Yoshiyuki Nakamura.

Unboxing. You will get a hair dryer and a manual. It is only available in gold color.
After using it for a week, I would like to share with you:
The Reasons Why You Need to Own a
1. The Miracle of Beauty Collagen 
This is the first and only beauty collagen hair dryer in the market! 
The unique technology from TESCOM - beauty collagen that consists of collagen & negative ions that can give glossy and moisture hair and keep coloring longer! 
WHY Beauty Collagen?
(i) Beauty collagen is present to create a protective barrier to your hair. The beauty collagen emitted from the dryer will penetrate fast and deep within the hair cuticles, allowing it to lock the moisture and creates protective barrier. 
(ii) Preserve your freshly done hair coloring for up to 21 days! Good news for those who frequently dyes hair =)
(iii) Keep your hair safe from harmful UV rays. UV rays can break down the cuticle, leaving your strands dry, damaged, and frizzy. With the beauty collagen acting as protective barrier, your hair will get lesser damage from the harmful UV rays. 

*** The collagen box is intact with the hair dryer. The collagen is able to last for about 2 years until you change a new cartridge. 

2. Scalp Care Temperature Control
This is another favorite feature to me using this hair dryer! The scalp care option able to maintain a constant temperature of 60 degrees, which help to reduce the excess sebum on the scalp, ensuring a beautiful, oil-free hair! 
Usually i don't directly blow my hair scalp with hair dryer, with this great feature of TESCOM hair dryer I am able to do so! 

3. Adjustable Negative Ion Output
The hair dryer has double energy ion control dial. The color change from blue (HIGH) that allows you to dry hair faster to red (LOW).

4. Sophisticated and Soft Blow
I like that the hair dryer has a push switch to change warm/cool wind each time. In addition, I can adjust the speed (1,2,3) based on my needs.

5. Detachable Inlet Mesh
Not to mention, this hair dryer has detachable inlet mesh that is antimicrobial and it is washable.
6. Portable and Convenient
Last but not least, it is foldable and is very convenient to bring around! It is also very easy to use!

My Thoughts:Have been using the hair dryer for a week, i am really enjoy using it. Not only because of the beauty collagen, but it has other controllable features such as the scalp care control, cool shot switch, and speed control. Bonus added to all those features! I like that the air was strong enough and even at low speed it was able to work accordingly. It is easy to use! All the function is not complicated at all! The hair dryer weight about 680g, which was still acceptable to hold it up for 5-10minutes to dry hair. If really to pick a down side for this hair dryer, it would be lack of accessories such as comb, diffuser, or concentrator nozzle. It would be great if it comes with some accessories at that price.
OverallFunction: ★★★★
Speed control: ★★★★★
Temperature Control: ★★★★★
Convenient: ★★★★
Cost: ★★★★
Special Promotion!
The TESCOM Beauty Collagen Hair Dryer is exclusively available online at 
Good news to share! At a limited time, is offering special introductory price of the hair dryer at only RM499.99 (regular price RM599.00)
* Maybank2U customers will receive a special gift when the hair dryer is purchased from
* Besides online delivery, customers can also choose to self-pick up at TouchPoint outlet (retail outlet of

Touchpoint Outlet:
4, Jalan Puteri 2/2, Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.

Operation Hour:
Monday - Friday: 10am - 8pm
Saturday: 11am - 5pm 
(Closed on Sunday and public holiday)

TESCOM website:

            Till then,           


  1. Oh this beauty gadget is very interesting, and the first of its kind! I want this! I wish they will also launch here in Manila!

    1. Hopefully they will launch there in the future! or else does offers international shipping =)

  2. Oh this beauty gadget is very interesting, and the first of its kind! I want this! I wish they will also launch here in Manila!

  3. A Japan's leading beauty gadget here in Malaysia and add on collegan benefits is a must to have item.

  4. i must buy this for my long hair..hate to use the ordinary hair dryer that will damaged my hair

    1. to be honest, this hair dryer really smoothen my hair even without hair serum!

  5. How long the collagen box will last ya?

    1. as mentioned above, it can last about 2 years until you change a new one =)))

  6. Wow nice hair done! with just a hair dryer, magic happens! Would love to try out the product!

  7. Collagen even for hair. Some more this is to get my hand on this one.

    1. yes.. you definitely should! worth paying the money for it =)))

  8. This really seems interesting. Collagen in hairdryer? Really need to check this out <3

    1. Do check out here:
      is really nice to use especially if you have long hair =)

  9. I would love to try this hair dryer. My hair pretty dry always.

    1. You should! love that it gives me smoother and silkier result even without putting on hair serum =))

  10. It's fascinating to me that hair also needs collagen and that it would come in the hair dryer. I need it but my pocket is already screaming. :(

    1. haha... put this on your bucket list! definitely worth every penny!

  11. This is one magic item that all saloon should have! Hehe

    1. Yess.. indeed! In fact this brand TESCOM is very popular among hair salon!

  12. It looks promising! I will surely check this out!

    Mhaan |

    1. You should check out the hair dryer! I am really enjoy using it =))

  13. wow a collagen hair dryer.. looks good. nice writeup.

    ps, it could be good if there's no music auto playing in this blog :) .. i couldnt find the pause or stop button.

    1. haha.. is the 'Diamond' button for pause! Hope you can find it next time XDDD

  14. Love your hair done and the dryer looks quite cool with some high end technology.

    1. Thanks and yess the hair dryer is very cool and functioning awesomely! I really enjoy using it!

  15. Waa~ The dryer looks cool!
    I should grab one for myself too.

    1. Yess... it is functioning very well and worth every penny! You should grab one and try it out!

  16. Collagen hair dryer? Really? OMG I feel like getting one now.

  17. Didn't know about this product until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  18. looks cool ! Lend me use , i wanna try it !haha XD

  19. so high tech stuff of hair dryer! cool! Got cartridge inside!

  20. What an interesting device dear and a collagen hairdryer is certainly something to take notice off :) Cheers to the share!


  21. balding hair is one of the issues that must be treated with hair obat penumbuh rambut

  22. How I know the collagen is finished

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