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June 5, 2016

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Thanks for the invitation HerbaLine Facial SPA and MAMA KIM Puchong! Thanks for the fun, the treatment, the nice foods, and definitely the fabulous prize for lucky draw! Yes, I won their GRAND Prize Lucky Draw - got myself a FREE STAYCATION VOUCHER for 3 pax at SOJOURN Guest House by HerbaLine at Pandan Indah! (Stay tuned for my review on their guest house!)

Warmth welcome and greets from these beautiful ladies!

Place where we have our Foot SPA! Peaceful and Relaxing.
The Natural Sea Salt Foot Spa with warm water that fully relaxes your nerves.
It not only helps to remove dead skin, it also has deep clarifying and antiseptic properties.

HerbaLine also provides Relaxing Fish Foot Spa, which I didn't manage to try because I arrived late that evening. I heard from friends saying that they enjoyed this session as well, although it was very ticking.

Guess what?! The SEA SALT SPA with the whole room filled with sea salt imported from Milan! Amazing isn't it? This is also the new addition to the HerbaLine services.

The feeling was like playing at the beach where you dig, pour, cover, and bury yourself underneath the beach sand.

It's just that these sea salt was rougher than the beach sand. 

Actually this SEA SALT SPA was a wellness therapy in which the salty air inside the room can provide natural heeling effect with each of your deep, cleansing breath.

The Massage Room

The Facial Room

After the relaxing massages, we were treated with healthy meals at the MAMA KIM Restaurant - Where healthy is yummy:

Balanced Diets
Fresh Ingredients
Five Major Colors
No White Flour
No White Sugar
Less Salt
Less Deep Fried 

With the Managing Director of HerbaLine Group- Mr. Low Chee Kwong.
It was a nice chat with Mr. Low to get to know how the business grew and how he incorporated beauty and healthy eating ideas into the business.

Natural Fruit Tea
Healthy Salad

Dessert - Black Glutinous Rice Pudding
The Signature MAMA Kim Sauna Mee! Yummy and delicious!
A short clip of MAMA KIM SAUNA MEE!

The Sauna Mee was my favorite of all the dishes. It was served in a hot stone bowl that will keep the broth warm and hot to the very last sip. This was a very creative and brilliant way to maintain the temperature of the broth. This meal has a balance combination of meat and more than five different colors of healthy vegetables. Highly recommend to anyone who would like to have healthy-hot-noodlesoup.

Here're some menu from MAMA KIM:

For more information:

HerbaLine Facial SPA and MAMA KIM Puchong

Address: No. 39, Jalan Layang-Layang 4, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Tel: +603-8082 6063 (Facial SPA); +603-5879 1150 (MAMA KIM)
Website: http://www.herbaline.com.my/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/herbaline.my/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/herbalinemy/

Thanks for reading.


  1. Congrats for winning the grand prize dear! You will definitely enjoy the staycation! Great meeting you that day too

  2. wow.. this spa looks so relaxing. other than puchong any other outlet?


    1. Yes dear, they do have many branches. You can find it in the link here: http://www.herbaline.com.my/location

  3. Nice spa that you had. Food looks awesome too.

  4. What a relaxing, pampering session you had. I wouldn't mind going for this weekly!

  5. Congratulations for winning the grand prize... and it looks like you all had a lot of fun there definitely!! Wishing for an opportunity to do so too!!!

  6. The place is very huge and congrats

  7. Looks like a pampering and relaxing place for a spa party with friends and family! Looking so much fun and its time for me to go for massage and relax myself too.

  8. Congrats to you again my buddy ! Don't say you unlucky ya ...:P

  9. Looks healthy and fun while enjoying the beauty spa session. And the food look yummy. <3

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