What's so special about BAUSCH+LOMB Biotrue ONEday lenses?

June 3, 2017

If you are a frequent contact lens wearer like me, choosing a suitable and ideal contact lens for everyday use is not easy. If you are not, just to let you know, the level of comfort, hydration, convenience, and visual performance of the contact lens need to be taken into account to find the one that fits you. (Tedious right?) So if you are still wondering which brands that fit you, you might want to try BAUSCH + LOMB Biotrue ONEday lenses, which fits perfectly fine on me!

Top 4 Unique Features of Biotrue ONEday Daily Contact Lens:
1. Contain 78% water content - Matches cornea's water content
2. 100% oxygen consumption - Meets oxygen level that the open eyes need
3. 16 hours of moisture - Mimics lipid layer of tear film
4. 95% UVB Protection - Helps protect against transmission of harmful UV radiation
Bausch + Lomb Biotrue ONEday Daily Contact Lens
What so special about this contact lens was that it features the revolutionary material HYPERGEL, which has been considered the ideal contact lens by many professionals and users! 
Hypergel, a high-moisture next-generation material, was designed to work like the eye in matching the cornea's 78% water content and mimicking the tear film's lipid layer to retain moisture.

While a higher water content provides good initial comfort, it does not necessary translate into all day comfort, as this generally cause dryness at the end of the day. Here's the unique part of Biotrue ONEday contact lens that it was inspired by the biology of the eye, the material combines the lens polymer with Surface Active Macromers, which mimic the lipid layer of tear film to resist dehydration and maintain water within the lens for up to 16 hours
Bausch and Lomb Biotrue ONEday Daily's Hypergel is the first soft contact lens material that provides UV protection. It can block 70% of UVA and 95% of UVB radiation. 

Unlike other contact lenses, they work just like your eyes for comfortable vision throughout the day.

My Thoughts: I have been wearing this Biotrue ONEday contact lens for about a month now. FYI, I have been changing from monthly lens, to biweekly, and now on daily lens for about half a year. Been using a few brands until currently I settle with this lens. The reasons I change from different types of lens mainly because of the lack of hydration and poor oxygen transmissibility, which made my eyes dry and caused discomfort. Now with this Biotrue ONEday lens, I like that it really does its work on providing the moisture for long hours, especially when I have eye makeup on which easily dries my eyes out. It fits fine and comfortably on my eyes and I would recommend to others. 

Biotrue ONEday Daily lens is a premium daily disposable contact lens. Inspired by none other than the human eye itself. It is made from HyperGel, an innovation that combines the best of conventional hydrogels and silicone hydrogels and is set to be the next generation of Daily Disposable material.

More Information:
Price: RM 125.00 per box of 30 pieces.
Available at all leading optical outlets nationwide.
Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution in TWIN pack (355ml x 2) at RM61.50.

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