Golden Chicken Chinese New Year Dinner at G Hotel, Penang

January 27, 2017

Jang Jang Jang... Chinese New Year 2017 is just one day away! I cannot believe how fast time flies and waits for no man. Without further ado, let us dive into the year of Rooster with an 8-course dinner offered at G Hotel, Penang. Whether you are celebrating with family and friends, or having appreciation treat to stuffs and business associates, here in G Hotel you can enjoy a month long celebration starting from the 15th January till 15th February 2017 for a scrumptious festive treat.

With the theme of Golden Chicken 2017, G Hotel has come up with three packages namely Happiness (RM1388), Prosperity (RM1488), and Longevity (RM1588) per table of 10 persons.
I was lucky to be invited to try on the premium package of all, the LONGEVITY package. Here;s the menu for the night.
All Golden Chicken packages are inclusive of free flow of Chinese Tea. It is applicable for private function room only with a minimum reservation of 3 tables of 10 persons.
Started with the New Year Fresh Salmon Yee Sang, we got to enjoy the tasty fresh salmon =) For this dish, I like the part that the sauce is not too sweet and you can taste each of the ingredients inside this Yee Sang.
Followed by the second dish - the Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat and Dried Scallops.
In fact, you can request them to serve individually like below. Yum Yum Yum!
Wine is available upon request as well.
Then we got the Steamed Whole Chicken with Dried Oyster and Sea Moss served in aluminium foil. For each dish, you can request to serve individually as well =)
Followed by my favorite dish of the night - Fried Shell-less Prawn in Milk Curry Sauce. The prawn is very flavorful, fresh and easy to eat without the shell on! This dish is invented by Chef Kang where the shell is first being removed and the prawn is then marinated overnight before frying. So all of us can enjoy eating prawn with ease!
Then we have this Braised Sea Cucumber from Indonesia and Sea Asparagus from Chile with Broccoli. The vegetables are cooked to tender-crisp for every pleasing bites and complemented with the favorable sea cucumber, which is just the right combination.
Coming up we have the exquisite Steamed Cod Fish in Spicy Crispy Bean, which is my another favorite. Chinese New Year dinner is not complete without fish for the auspicious festive celebration. I am glad that this dish is cooked to the perfect level.
The last dish before dessert - the Fried Rice with Fresh Scallops and Prawn topped with Shredded Crispy Dhafa Fish. I like the crispy dhafa fish matches with the fried rice.
However, personally I think fried rice at this dinner session maybe a little simple? It would be great if they have rice in lotus leaf for this luxurious dinner.

Lastly, we have Sea Coconut with Fresh Ginseng Soup served along with Sesame Bun with Sweet Potato filling. These homemade desserts are definitely the perfect combination to end the dinner with a high note. I really like the sesame bun a lot. Wish they sell it separately =P
Enjoyed my dinner with all these people =)
Meanwhile, Taste Café in G Hotel Gurney and SPOON in G Hotel Kelawai are also offering Chinese New Year themed buffet lunch and dinner. Part of the menu include Alaskan Snow Crab on ice, Prawn in Chinese Cream Cheese Sauce, Hong Kong Style Roasted Duck, Baked Whole Fish with Panggang Sauce, and many other mouthwatering dishes available for you and your company.
* All prices mentioned above are nett and inclusive of 6% GST.
For booking and enquiries, please call +604-238 0000 for G Hotel Gurney and +604-219 0000 for G Hotel Kelawai or visit for more information.



  1. Haven't have chance to try their food over our last stay . they look yummy and fresh!

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