June 7, 2016 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Coming back from the States, i kept looking for a nice steakhouse to enjoy my favorite steak. OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE, an Australian-themed American casual dining restaurant chain, serving American cuisine, was what i am looking for! Thanks ZOMATO for the invitation! 

The OUTBACK Story:
"Our first Outback Steakhouse Restaurant opened in the United States (Tampa, Florida) in March 1988. Since then we have grown to become the world's largest steakhouse, with nearly 1.000 restaurants in over twenty countries. We are famous worldwide for our steaks. After all, we are the steak experts. We serve the finest beef, seasoned with a secret blend of 17 herbs and spices that enhance our steaks' distinct flavor. Then, they are expertly grilled to your request. We promise you the simple pleasures as a customer and invite you to eat, drink, relax, and enjoy the Outback Steakhouse dining experience."

The restaurant located at BB Park, Bukit Bintang. 
They have both outdoor and indoor tables. 

Started with the minty drink:

Here's the menu that I had enjoyed:

1. Appetizer: Tomato and Mozzarella Bruschetta (RM24.95)

Mozzarella cheese was one of my favorite cheese. 
The combination of oven roasted tomato, basil pesto, and grilled french bread ===> AWESOME!!! So, needless to say, this was one of my most-liked dishes of the evening. 
Highly recommend ★★★

2. Appertizer: Outback Tostada Nachos (RM27.95)

Yumm~ Yummmm~~ The crispy corn tortilla layered with a spicy corn infused chili. Topped with cheeses, jalapenos, fresh pico de gallo, and sour cream. Hardly you can find tasty nachos here in Malaysia, but this appetizer from Outback was delicious! 
Highly recommend as well ★★★ 

3. ENTREE: Farmer's Fresh Strawberry Salad (RM32.95)

This entree was seasoned and grilled shrimp atop spring mix salad tossed with strawberries, orange segments, cucumbers and a spiced orange vinaigrette. Then it was sprinkled with goat cheese and toasted almond. I love their special salad dressing - the orange vinaigrette so much! 
If you are a salad person, you should try this dish! ★★★★

4. ENTREE: Brick Chicken (RM27.95)

A thick chicken breast seasoned and hand-pressed for a juicy flavor and crispy texture. Topped with a savory lemon garlic sauce and served with mashed potatoes and fire grilled broccoli. Indeed, the chicken was very juicy and the sauce was very tasty. For the mashed potatoes, the skin of the potatoes were being mashed together as well.
Recommend: ★★★★

5. ENTREE: Sweet Chili Chicken and Shrimp (RM34.95)

The fire grilled chicken and shrimp glazed with sweet chili sauce. It was served with some vegetables on the side and rice. I love the grilled shrimp very much. They were fresh and juicy. Recommend: ★★★★

6. ENTREE: Seafood Mixed Platter

A boneless Salmon fillet paired with seasoned and seared shrimp and scallops on a bed of fresh diced mango salsa. It was served with one freshly made side - vegetables. 
The salmon was nicely grilled and the texture was soft and tasty. The specialty for this dish to me was their mango salsa. The combination with the mango was delicious.
Recommend: ★★★★

7. ENTREE: Black Pepper Crusted Ribeye (8oz: RM59.95; 10oz: RM69.95)

 Tadaaaa~~ The main character of the night => The Black Pepper Crusted Ribeye
The seared peppercorn crusted ribeye accompanied with peppercorn cream sauce. Served with grilled asparagus, loaded baked potato and a balsamic drizzle.
We had the ribeye cooked to medium rare. The ribeye was juicy and i added a little salt to taste. I love the baked potato - the texture was just nice and topped with sour cream, green onion and slices of bacon => Delicious.

8. DESSERT: Chocolate Thunder From Down Under (RM21.95)

An extra generous pecan brownie topped with rich vanilla ice cream, drizzled with the warm chocolate sauce and finished with chocolate shavings and whipped cream.
To me it was a SINFUL yet IRRESISTIBLE!
Highly Recommend 

 Also, since we were too nice =))), the manager decided to give us extra two treats:

1. Crispy Fried Mushrooms (RM24.95)

Lightly breaded and fried mushrooms, served with spicy ranch dressing.
At first I thought it was just normal mushroom like those you can get in pasar malam, but NO NO! They were so juicy and chewy and you cannot stop eating! XD
Highly recommend 
2. Typhoon Bloom (RM19.95)

This was the hand-cut, fresh-onion strings dusted with Outback's own secret seasonings, stacked high and cooked until golden. Then, it was served with their spicy signature bloom sauce that will blow you away! Friendly reminder, this was a really HUGE portion that you can share among four to five people. The sauce was definitely the highlight!
Recommend: ★★★

Thanks Mr. Rajiv Bharatiya - The Director of Operation of Outback Steakhouse

Last but not least, the happy us =))))

For more information:
AddressGL.12, BB Park, 7, Jalan 1/77, Off JalanBukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur 55100
Phone: 03-2144 9919

Thanks for reading!
Sin Nee 


  1. Whoa! you girls sure having fun feasting a good food there. Long time never pay a visit to Outback Steakhouse.

  2. Planning to go there but didnt have a chance yet. The foods was amazing, should plan for visit soon.

  3. I still can't get over the nachos!! Wanna go back there and makan again seriously

  4. The food looks so yummy, but it is too pricey for me~ would like to try it when I get a job~

  5. the food seems decent there! Will try one day

  6. The food looks really good. Might try going there for a special occasion.

  7. My turn next! Thanks dear for the info on this restaurant!

  8. not a steak person as i don't take beef. but otherwise, i agreed with you that the food is awesome! we had onion rings, and beautiful salad last time, and i still can remember vividly how good they taste.

  9. oh mann right when I'm so craving for steak! Looks absolutely delicious

  10. I've tried this place and love the food! Especially the steak! :D

  11. Wow... the dessert is the main dish that attract my attention the most. <3

  12. the mozarella cheese is also my favourite..wish i can join again zomato meet up..

  13. oh wow... is there an outback steakhouse now at bukit bintang... I want to go there now.. I like the food there... have not been there in quite a bit.. huhuhu

  14. Foods Looks so yummy, love to visit there when I will be in KL..

  15. The food looks really awesome! I miss steak right not, will give this place a try next time =D

  16. all the food looks so tempting!! can't wait to join the next zomato meetup

  17. I felt hungry again, love the Sweet Chili Chicken and Shrimp, seems like delicious and the price is not over pricey. Cozy environment for gathering and dating.

  18. Always want to give Outback a try. But haven't got the chance cos kl city center always jam...

  19. Yummylicious food!!! Minty drink and Bruschetta is wow.

  20. May I have the Seafood Mixed Platter for my breaking fast menu please?
    Salivating over the salmon now. Haha

  21. glad to hear that the food there is still good and the place is doing great since it's been there for a really long time.

  22. Wah, look at the Seafood Mixed Platter, so appetizing, must check out this place :)

  23. As a huge fans of mushroom, the Crispy Fried Mushrooms is so tempting!

  24. I am a super meat lover! Perfectly cooked steak is just perfect.

  25. hey, i was there too! good stuff right? :P hehehe.

  26. Owwh.. the food look so tempting. The appetizer attract me a lot. I have tried their food before and satisfied with it.

  27. Wow I don't mind have my dinner there. The Typhoon Bloom is great for sharing and taste awesome also.

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