What's Up 2018! #chitchat

April 3, 2018

Is APRIL already! My first post of 2018, but hey, is better late then never right? Time really flies! There are so much to update you guys! It has been almost five months now since I moved to Singapore. Finally decided to catch back up with my blog.

SINGAPORE for now! I have been moving from one city to another, settling down, and when I am getting used to the environment, I am on my feet to move again, settle down at another place again and again. I could not believe and never have had imagined that one day I could travel to so many places and live in different cities and countries. I really appreciate and would really want to express my gratitude to everything that I have today. It is not easy to be an adult. I wish I could just stay young and be my parent's forever baby girl that I don't need to worry about money, I don't need to stress myself out from work, I could just eat, play, sleep all the time. But these are all just a beautiful dream.

Back to reality, so much that had happened the past few months! I am a MARRIED LADY now! I will share more of my wedding preparation journey with you guys real soon! Meanwhile, I have some wedding pictures on my Facebook if you are interested ❤
I am enjoying my working life here in Singapore with my husband! We are living a simple yet contented life together. I am a city girl and I think Singapore is just the right place for me, but not sure you will see me moving again to the next city in the coming future =P So, make sure you stay tuned and keep up with me!

Alright, I am just dropping a quick note here and hope you are looking forward to my upcoming posts.

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