July 9, 2016

Say NO to frizzy, dry, dull, tangled, damaged hair! !
What else you are waiting for? Get  yourself a deep layer hair moisture treatment system. Get back to the origin and regain your beautiful, shine, strong, silky, smooth, and healthy hair.


PRO HAIRDRESSING TEAM located at Taipan Subang.
(Same row as Maybank Taipan, and opposite to Starbuck)
I had my hair curled awhile ago and it ended up making my hair dry at its ends and tangled at some point. While, i have no experience in doing hair treatment before, i thought this would be a good try on this deep layers moisture treatment system to fix my dry, brittle hair at PRO Hairdressing Team.

So, i was suggested to try their Hyaluronic Acid Fluorine Treatment for Extra Heavy Moisture using products from MoltoBene all imported from Japan. 

MoltoBene has been established since 1975 in Japan and has 40 years of history. This brand is now available world widely in more than 10 countries including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, US, Singapore, Vietnam, Russia, Australia, Thailand, China, Cambodia, and etc.

Currently, MoltoBene products are available at PRO Hairdressing Team!

According to the hairdresser, this deep layers moisture treatment system can effectively gives moisture to high damaged hair. It helps to repair inner and outer hair components from cuticle, to cortex cell, to macrofibrils, to matrix, and to microfibrils, with water-repellent coat the surface of hair. With only 5 steps and only 30 minutes, you will be able to achieve superb moisture effect to your hair! Easy and quick hair treatment! 

Information on what does the 5 Steps do to your hair! 
It rebuilds severely damaged hair from the inside with a reactive repair agent, moisturizes the hair, and creates a water-repelling coating.

Those with Virgin hair (never undergo any chemical treatments), you only need to go through 2 steps, which are step 4 and 5.
Those with Low-Damaged hair, you can go through 3 steps, which are step 1, 2, and 5
While those with Middle-, High-, and Heavy-Damaged hair, you are encourage to go through the all 5 steps.

The two major components of the products: 
1. Kerataide
2. Hyaluronic Acid Fluorine 

Deep Layer 1 - Penetrate

A high molecule hydrolyzed keratin penetrate into damage hole in hair. 
( More damage, Better penetration).

Deep Layer 2 - Combination
Hydrolyzed keratin made of feather (Kerataide) combined with hair peptide fill the gap between damage holed to keep result.

Deep Layer 3 - CMC Repair
Repair ingredients are settled into hair by nano-CMC-like ingredient and Pellicles. 
[Formulation with sub acidity helps Kerataide molecule gets bigger by combining each other to strengthen inside the hair.]

Deep Layer 4 - Film
18 MEA, Novel Chitosan Derivative, Hyaluronic Acid (absorbent type) form moisturizing complex by locking Step 1-3 repair component.

Deep Layer 5 - Coat
Fluorine with water-repellent coat the surface of hair to keep the repair result.

Deep Layer - Home Care
Home Care treatment to keep hair sustain longer before next Deep Layer treatment. 
It should be use 3 times a week after having treatment in the salon. After shampoo your hair, slightly drain the hair and apply the treatment on the damaged part of the hair. Massage to make it adapting. Make sure you avoid your scalp area.

Ta-Daa.. no more dry! no more brittle hair! I love my hair after the treatment. 

More healthy, More fresh, and Amazing! 

Not to mention, the product has a pleasant flowery scent that i like so much! 
(White floral notes with a focus on the elegant Magnolia, and formulated with serene musk! What a luxury and memorable fragrance). 
Overall, it was a great experience of the deep layer treatment. It was quick and effective!  

Price: Short Hair - RM200; 
             Medium Hair - RM230; 
             Long Hair - RM260
Address: 58G, Jalan USJ 10/1B, Taipan Business Centre, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603- 56369222


Enjoy the read! 


  1. Do you have the home care treatment out (like a conditioner) or is it a leave in?

    1. Hi there, it is not leave in. You can leave it for about 5 minutes after putting it on, then you wash it off. =)

  2. Your hair looks so straight and nice after the treatment, I must go to try it

  3. Totally need this. My frizzy hair like spring noodles. But first need to have hair cut to enjoy cheaper price. huhuhuh auntie scrooge!

  4. Love the packaging.. it is so pretty.... I want to try this too.. need good hair care for my hair....

  5. good to have that once in a while. our hair definitely need to be pampered as well.

  6. Wow after the treatment your hair looks so smooth and silky. I have tried this treatment and like it.

  7. To be honest, i have never been to any spa to do hair treatment before. I bet i would be nice i can go experience this someday

  8. A~~~ I do really need this
    Will check it out

  9. My, I am impressed with the hair after treatment. I would have loved to see your 'Before' shots as well.

  10. Your hair really looks different after done the treatment ! I wish to do that too =)

  11. your hair looks so healthy and smooth after treatment!!!

  12. nice and your hair looks good :)

  13. I am waiting for my next appointment...heehe..totally loved this treatment

  14. Loving this treatment! It makes our hair looks healthy and shiny =D

  15. Wow~ Your hair texture so healthy! I tried this treatment before but my result not good as yours.

  16. so important for those who always tinker with their hair with a lot of types of treatment.

  17. Your hair looks very nice. It's a good treatment.

  18. so impressive, your hair looks so smooth right after the treatment

  19. The price looks really expensive to splurge on hair, but i guess if it does the trick, then it should be worth it! :D

  20. Wow! It seems a great hair & scalp treatment experience, wanna try it too :) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing


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